Sunday, March 26, 2006

We were invited to our first African wedding on Saturday, March 25, 2006. The groom is the nephew of Pierre Kemle, our wonderful friend. The marriage ceremony took place in Tsinga at the city hall. This is a picture of the newlywed's car parked outside the city hall. The wedding ceremony started a little after three o'clock in the afternoon. We left the reception at ten o'clock that night. The party would continue all night long. Posted by Picasa

We were escorted to the wedding by Pierre Kemle, Jacob Motchie and Henri Kembou. All three are members of the church.  Posted by Picasa

The small room at the Tsinga City Hall did not hold all of the family and friends that came for the marriage ceremony. We sat outside and could watch through the window. With Sister Badger is Henri, Pierre's mother and Pierre. Posted by Picasa

Before the governor married the couple, Bertrand and Linda Stephanie, he gave them some good advice and counsel. Posted by Picasa

The bride and groom show their legal marriage certificates. The governor of the quarter is with them. Above them is the ever-present picture of our country's president, Paul Biya. Posted by PicasaNow they are the couple Poken.

The bride and groom leave the Tsinga city hall amid confetti and happy family and friends. Posted by Picasa

After the marriage ceremony, the wedding party drove to the Hotel DeVille where there are beautiful gardens. Photos were taken of the bride and groom and the families. Posted by Picasa

While the bride and groom were having photos taken, we visited with the groom's mother, the elder sister of Pierre Kemle. Posted by Picasa

When we arrived at the Panther Hotel in Tsinga, where the reception was held, we waited for the bride and groom. We were served drinks and snacks because the wait was for over an hour. When the newlyweds arrived, everyone stood and applauded. There was a delicious buffet dinner served to the guests. At our table we had Jacob, Pierre's neighbor, Pierre, one of the relatives, Sister Badger, Elder Badger and Henri, Pierre's brother-in-law. Posted by Picasa

There were many guests invited. There were guards at the front gate of the hotel to make sure only family and friends came in to the celebration. This is a picture of Bertrand's mother and grandmother. Posted by Picasa

The evening ended with dancing. The groom's grandmother is the lady in lavender. She loves to dance. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Zone Conference for Cameroun was held in Douala on March 13th. This is a picture of the eight elders currently serving in Douala and Yaounde. Starting at the bottom we have Elder Brown, Elder Seguin, Elder Taylor, Elder Mambassa, Elder Aviles, Elder Anderson, Elder Burnham and Elder Wiberg. President and Sister Maycock flew to Douala on Monday morning and had a flight back to Kinshasa that afternoon. They were bumped from the flight and had to stay in Cameroun until Thursday. We were sorry about their flight, but pleased that we could spend more time with them. Posted by Picasa

President and Sister Maycock accompanied us back to Yaounde on Tuesday. On Wednesday morning, we drove to Mbalmayo so they could meet up with Elder and Sister Mauclair. They were going to the village of Ebogo to see the work Elder Mauclair does with the eye examinations and the distribution of free glasses. From the left is Elder Mauclair, Sister Badger, Sister Mauclair, Sister Maycock and President Maycock. We are standing below the large lion at the entrance to the city of Mbalmayo. Posted by Picasa

After dropping off President and Sister Maycock, we were returning to Yaounde when a policeman on the side of the road raised his hand for us to stop. There was a large bus behind us that ignored the policeman's signal and rammed into the Peugot. It was very frightening to have a large bus push our car along the road. Fortunately, we were not hurt, but the car sustained some major damage. Posted by Picasa

Many people helped us in this difficult situation. A member of the church, Brother Zang, stopped as he was driving to Yaounde from Ebolowa. He saw the accident and the Badgers standing beside the road. Posted by Picasa

This is the bus that did not stop. The driver was afraid and fled the scene of the accident. Posted by Picasa

On Saturday evening, March 18th, the Relief Society celebrated its birthday with a program and dinner afterward. The chapel was filled with people who came for the celebration. Posted by Picasa

Sister Nyoumi Nathalie, Sister Eboua Celine, President of the Relief Society, and her daughter, Kougi Nelly sang a beautiful song. Posted by Picasa

There were three sketches on the program. This one had Sister Agnes Uwamahoro as the husband and Sister Dorcas Kemle as the wife. The sketch was about service. Posted by Picasa

Since it was a birthday party, we served cake along with the other food. Sister Badger has her knife in hand ready to cut the cakes. Posted by Picasa

There were around 125 people who attended the celebration. Everyone got a plate of delicious African food. You can see the plate of couscous and the sweet potatoes. The sisters had also cooked poisson (fish) with a sauce made from vegetables. Posted by Picasa

Elder Taylor helped out by pouring the homemade punch called follere. Posted by Picasa

Our branch president, President Ndongo, does everything for the branch. He even works in the churchyard. He and Meligui Serge are weeding the gardens. Posted by Picasa

This is our current elders' quorum presidency. From the left we have Brother Luc, President Gaston and Brother Christophe. Posted by Picasa

Friday, March 10, 2006

We went with Elder Burnham and Elder Seguin to visit the school where one of their investigators is the teacher for the youngest class of students. Their ages range from two years to five years. They sang and recited for us. They sang the song, "This is the way I wash my face" in English. They really shouted it out. Afterward, Elder Badger gave them all some bon-bons (candy). The teacher's name is Antoinette. She is in the red dress. Elder Burnham is on the far left and Elder Seguin is next. Posted by Picasa